Abdelrahman Ragab Nady

Data Analyst | Business Intelligence | Machine Learning

Helwan University

6 October , Cairo
I'm a curious data enthusiast who loves to code. Ever since i got introduced to programming, i have been obsessed with using code to solve problems or create scripts for tasks.
I'm a student at the Faculty of computer science and artificial intelligence Helwan university. During my college years, I am looking for more experience and knowledge and having completed many projects that you can look at on my GitHub. I insist on keeping learning new things every day and I hope I can provide all the knowledge I had. Link: github.com/Abdelrhman2022
I'm currently working as a freelance data analyst which will enable me to enhance my skills and abilities by working on a variety of projects with varying analyses and go forward with my potential career.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
C (Programming Language)
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Excel
R (Programming Language)