Ahmed Haytham

Hi, I'm Ahmed Haytham a computer science student ,Kaggle Expert and Data science head in Google DSC Damanhur. Start Learning with SAS As one of my Professors recommended SAS to start with then complete Coursera With IBM professional certificate in machine learning and from DataCamp gain a lot of knowledge in data science , practice in kaggle to sharpen my skills and learn any thing new will help me. now i 'm Seeking a Data Scientist position in a stable company where I can use and sharpen my skills and build my career, I have a good understanding of statistical, algebraic, and other analytical techniques. Highly organized, motivated, and diligent with a significant background in problem solving, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and Deep learning. i got chance as Machine Learning ENG (intern)in machinfy
OOP & Data Structure
Problem Solving
Web Scraping (Python (scrapy,beautifulsoup))
Data Management
Data Analysis (Python, SAS, Tableau,SQl)
Data visualization (Python, SAS, Tableau, flourish)
Machine Learning (SAS, Sklearn)
Deep Learning (SAS , tensorflow keras ,PyTorch)
Exploratory Analysis
Data Analysis
Data Analytics
Communication and Reporting
Statistical Experimentation