Bahaa Al-khateeb

Senior Android developer, Freelancing coach

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global

Android skills:
✔Java & Kotlin
✔XML with material design principles
✔FireBase "Auth , FireStore , RealTime , cloud Function"
✔Databases "Room & SQLite"
✔Google Maps & Location services
✔Maps ”Google maps, Map box”
✔Restful API "XML & JSON & Moshi"
✔Architecture pattern "MVP, MVC, MVVM , MVI and clean Architecture"
✔ ViewBinding
✔ JetPack “DataBinding, LiveData, Paging and navigation”
✔DI “ Dagger & Hilt”
✔ Coroutines and flow
✔ Web Socket
✔Multimedia “Mediaplayer , media recorder , exoplayer , vedioView and camertaX”
✔Testing” UI testing & unit test”
✔Location & GEO location
✔Application life cycle
✔Background tasks service
✔Broadcast Receiver
✔Files & File providers
✔ Content provider
✔Real Time Services “FCM , OneSignal and parse”
✔Dealing with hardware "Wifi , Bluetooth , camera and printers"
✔Threading and multi-tasks
✔Third-party libraries.
Android , kotlin , Java , KMM
Arabic, English