Dawid Witulski

Tech Product Owner / Senior Frontend Engineer @ Evionica


Poznań, Poland



Tech Product Owner / Senior Frontend Engineer - 2021-11 - Now
Developing new features in PWA app dedicated for pilots; leading the development; issue handling; monitoring bug trackers; preparing and deploying releases.
Vue 3, Typescript, Jest, Cypress, SCSS
Frontend Developer - 2021-05 - 2021-11
Developing from the scratch PWA app dedicated for pilots to perform plane balancing before flight start.
Vue 3, Typescript, Jest, Cypress, SCSS, PWA

Glass Eye Studio

Founder (self employed) - 2019-05 - Now
Websites, e-commerce, apps and software development.
Vue, Typescript, Jest, Cypress, WordPress

Ilabo Sp. z o. o.

Frontend Developer - 2020-10 - 2021-05
Implementing new features in web application displaying live data from production in the industry, maintenance and bug fixing; RWD fixes; implementing new features in React Native mobile app that shared the same backend with web app; developing from scratch issue tracking web app (like JIRA) dedicated to work with maintaining the production, scheduling audits and machine checks
Vue 2, SCSS, React Native, IOT


Fullstack Developer - 2020-10 - 2021-05
Implementation of new features on Laravel marketing website; auditing and fixing SEO issues; increasing SEO performance; implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP); microfrontend Vue modules / widgets
Vue 2, SCSS, Laravel, PHP 8.0, SEO, AMP

Me & My Friends

Junior Frontend Developer - 2020-01 - 2021-10
SPA apps: simple stock wallet (Vue 2); parts livecycle status checker using NFC tags (Vue 2, TS, PWA); contests CMS (Vue 2); several simple landing pages in Vue 2 powered by headless CMS (strapi); two Wordpress pages - fixes and developing new features, layouts
Vue 2, Typescript, WordPress, SCSS, PWA
Project Manager / Game Designer - 2019-01 - 2019-12
Unity3D, Adobe XD, VR, AR
Junior Game Developer - 2019-10 - 2019-12
Unity3D, AR, VR, PHP
Trainee Game Developer - 2018-08 - 2018-09
Unity3D, AR 2013-09 - 2019-04


Websites, e-commerce, apps and software development
Javascript, WordPress
Vue 3
Vue JS