Maged Abdulrahman

Frontent Web & App Developer

Alinma Bank

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
I’m a computer science geek! I find myself in problem solving and troubleshooting. Interested in Web & Mobile Development with different technologies. Worked previously with Java & Oracle ADF and built a couple of projects with them including my graduation project, then went open source with Angular! Now I'm a Software Engineer at Alinma Bank in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I like self studying and I always have the will to self-improve and regularly perform evaluation checks on myself so as to see how am I doing and achieving my ambitions. Outside of software engineering, I worked for Vodafone UK as an International Account Adviser and this resulted in gaining huge experience in soft and communication skills. I like to keep track of the latest trends in the world regarding the tech. And I spend countless hours on my laptop to learn new stuff in almost everything that comes across. I like reading and enjoy my personal time, but I’m also a sociable person who likes to engage!