Siva Kumar

Frontend Architect

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Cologne, Germany

👨🏽‍💻About me

Majority of my work is involved in Frontend architecture and development with modern javascript frameworks. I also involve myself in Backend development like building REST APIs with NodeJs which makes me a full-stack engineer. I love NoSQL especially Firebase. I'm not just a developer but also into developing automation scripts and also a creative infographic designer which makes me unique fullstack developer

👨🏽‍🔧 What I can do for your business?

I can:
o translate your insight and knowledge into meaningful Visual Designs using Sketch/Figma App
o develop your visual designs into Interactive User Interface using React
o develop Node REST API’s using Loopback or Serverless Functions in Firebase to support the business logic for Backend
o design & develop NoSQL databases using Firestore to persist your business data
o also use the Cloud Platforms like Azure and Firebase for hosting and other releases activities
o communicate well & has good working experience with Agile/Scrum methodologies

🙅🏽 Current Responsibilities

o To plan, architect, build and deliver the frontend/ backend solutions as per the client needs, primarily using JavaScript ecosystem
o To mentor junior developers and leading the team with great enthusiasm and driving towards to make client business successful
o To support in optimising the build process for efficiency gains, such as improving the pipeline build times
o To establish the automated: visual, component, integration tests for quality deployments and speed up the deliveries
o To analyse the technical feasibility and impacts, of the requirements of web applications
o To create and maintaining project tech documentation
o To participate in re/design, refactor and code reviews
o To solve technical issues, fix defects and bugs
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Micro Frontends
NX Workspace