Sumukh Bhandarkar

Software Developer

Oracle India

Bengaluru, KA, IN
👨‍💻 About Me:
I am a software engineer and a technical speaker who loves programming, writing, speaking and traveling. I also spend a lot of time tinkering away on my laptop, exploring the interwebs or racking my brain to solve interesting problems.
Here's some metadata about me:
😄 Pronouns: He / Him / His;
💬 Ask me about about anything Open Source;
🔭 I enjoy building tools to ease developers lives;
🌱 I’m currently learning Blockchain and Solidity;
👯 I’m looking to collaborate on interesting projects;
📫 Best medium to reach me: ;
⚡ Fun fact: I have a crazy liking towards aviation and airports!
ğŸŽ¤ Club President at SDMCET Toastmasters Club, Area H1, District 92.
Java 8
Spring Boot