Hello! I am a student who started getting interested in computers from an early age, I always wanted to make my own projects and was amazed by what people made, and so I watched youtube tutorials, online tutorials, etc... and now I'm specializing in a few languages: C#, Luau, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS, Python. I am willing to learn more in the future, but for now, I have high experience in javascript and luau, I use java to work on Minecraft mods and other stuff, I use luau to work on games in Roblox and I am very good at making Roblox games since I enjoy it, I use javascript to code HTML sites and discord stuff. I don't like python that much since I don't use it very often and I don't have any use case scenarios to use it. I mostly make stuff out of boredom and purely for the purpose of learning and having fun! I like making people happy. I have been through a lot of rough times but I managed to get through, and that's what made me stronger and better at everything. Thank you for reading this, I am not really a writer and English is not my native language so I hope I did well!
Roblox Luau