Zahoor Ahmed shah

Tech Lead

Cb Physiotherapy

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young developer named Zahoor Ahmed Shah. From an early age, they showed an affinity for technology and a love for solving complex problems. As they grew older, their skills and passion for programming only grew stronger.
With over 8 years of experience in software development, Zahoor Ahmed Shah has spent many years honing their craft. They have worked on a wide range of projects, both large and small, and have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build great software.
Zahoor Ahmed Shah started their web development journey in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the power and flexibility of the web. In 2017, they discovered Ruby on Rails and were instantly captivated by its elegant simplicity and ability to make complex tasks simple.
Since then, Zahoor Ahmed Shah has become a skilled developer in a variety of technologies, including Ruby on Rails, core PHP, CodeIgniter 3, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Bulma, MySQL, and Laravel 8. They know how to write elegant, efficient code that solves complex problems, and they have a keen eye for detail that ensures their code is always of the highest quality.
But Zahoor Ahmed Shah is more than just a great developer. They are also a passionate and dedicated member of the tech community, always eager to share their knowledge and learn from others. When they're not busy crafting code, you can find them attending tech meetups, reading the latest tech blogs, or working on open-source projects.
So come and join Zahoor Ahmed Shah on their GitHub journey, and see what kind of magic they can create. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, there's always something new to learn and discover in this exciting world of code.
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